Trending on Social: Why Accident Claim Calculators Are a Waste of Time for Claimants

At Twitwheel we always like to follow what appear to be the hot trends on social media, and this particular tweet from an accident claims company caught our eye recently. You can see it below.

The Example Tweet from Twitter

What The Buzz and Hot Topic is All About

As you can see they are discounting the approach that many personal injury claims take, with presenting customers with compensation calculators for various injuries. As an ex lawyer myself it makes perfect sense and I will tell you why.

Let’s say you are an accident claims solicitor looking for new clients, and you have a compensation calculator on your website. A person visits your website to find out what they could be owed. They see your calculator and do a quick few presses on a button to see what they could be owed. See the image example below.

An example compensation calculator from a UK firm.
An example compensation calculator from a UK firm.

What If The Accident Claim is Under-Valued?

So, the potential claimant who wants to make an accident claim visits the website and see that’s their injured ankle or whatever, could be worth up to £5,000. That’s fine, but in truth we all know that personal injury claims can very much depend on individual circumstances.

Do these calculators take into account future financial losses, medical bills and treatment, or psychological damage? Of course they don’t!

That’s the point that this recent social media discussion on Twitter hopes to ignite I assume as many people looking to claim for compensation could be unaware that their case could actually be worth a lot more than the online calculators are stating.

Your Case Could Be Worth a Lot More in Fact

There is so much work and effort that goes into cases such as this with real life genuine and reputable claims companies (not that I am saying any company referenced in this article aren’t) – that it’s impossible to give people indications on what they could be owed just with an online widget embedded on a website.

The Accident Claims Web is the company that has started this particular Tweet, and I would imagine it might get quite a bit of traction in the legal industry so we will keep you up to date with a live blog on the matter which you can access by bookmarking this particular blog post.

If you do want to make an accident claim, and are interested in knowing what you could be due, then you can click to start an accident claim with their personal injury solicitors from this company.

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Accident Claims Procedures From a Canadian Baseball Website

Complaints Procedure – Accident Claims

What to do in case of needing to make an accident claim or complaint?

An accident claims report must be completed by an official during the accident and be sent to the provincial office of Baseball Quebec within thirty (30) days following the accident.

Members must obtain the Proof of Loss form – insurance against accidents at sport or proof of loss form – dental care in case of sports accidents and Form Consent to collect, use and disclosure of personal information . These forms are available on our website under About us? Documentation.

Members must duly complete all the boxes in the proof of claim. The attending physician’s statement, located in back of the form must be completed by the latter. The member must also complete the authorization of collection of personal information form. These forms must be sent to Baseball Québec within thirty (30) days after the accident. Please note that costs incurred to complete the insurance form are not refundable by the insurance company.

When you complete the proof of loss, it is important to answer the question 18 and whether the signature of the member or relative (minor) that appear after this question, otherwise the form will be returned.

A period of 90 days is granted to return to Baseball Québec the original invoices inherent to your request. If your proof of loss is poorly completed, it will be returned and processing of your application will only be longer.

In order to receive a refund of the insurance company, the member must have consulted a doctor within a maximum period of 30 days following the accident and have been referred by the latter before following any treatment physiotherapy or chiropractic. The attending physician’s statement should normally be used for this purpose.

Dental and medical benefits cover expenses incurred within 52 weeks of the date of the accident.

The interest expense as a result of a late payment (such as ambulance fees) are not reimbursable by insurance. To avoid these costs, the insured should pay the amount requested and be reimbursed by the insurer thereafter.