How Accident Claims Lawyers Can Set Themselves Up on Twitter in 2016

As we have previously blogged it’s essential for personal injury lawyers and accident claims companies to have a Twitter presence – you can see that advice here. Here’s some more advice and hints / tips about Twitter for lawyers and solicitors below.

Legal Notes and tips:

a) Account name and profile picture

next to its own real name is to assign a account name. This defines the address, which your Twitter profile is reached ( Foreign brand and name rights have to be considered, of course.

Setting up your Twitter account.
Setting up your Twitter account.

For the sake of SEO is much evidence to use his own name as an account name in order to achieve better findability in search engines. For their profile picture (48 times 48 pixels) are the rights to be observed in the image.


b) Contacts

Whether a Twitter profile is subject imprint, is controversial. Anyway, who twitters business, subject to after what is probably the predominant view – which I share – the imprint obligation. Although this question is not yet finally clarified, I guess for safety urgently to a profile Contacts to go potential warnings from the outset of the way.
Unfortunately, Twitter has only limited possibilities to fulfill the information requirements.

Following the Supreme Court case law ( an accessibility via two links and an easy recognizability is sufficient. With Twitter you can to that end – use “bio box”. Put a link on the website of your firm, on a proper imprint can be immediately found. In addition, you can fill in the “Web” box, or embed the Contacts text in the background image. To this end, I recommend an image size of 1500 times 1300 pixels for the best visibility on all screen sizes.

Step 2 – Create yourself a personalized news feed to your field of interest with the Google Reader

The first requirement for a successful Twitter that you are always yourself up to date state of affairs. This not only helps you in your daily work and expands your knowledge but also forms the basis in order to provide their listeners with exciting tweets at Twitter.

Google Reader set-up
Google Reader set-up

The Internet is full of interesting news, even from all legal areas of interest. It lacks only to order, selection and clarity. Here, for example, helps the Google Reader (, Google account required). It is a tool used to receiving so-called personalized. RSS feeds.

An RSS feed, a message channel, the Google Reader is ultimately so to speak, a reader for news channels. Almost all websites that contain current posts, make RSS feeds available (see for example the RSS feeds of Spiegel Online. Http://

The interior of the RSS feeds for Google Reader is simple: you search the Internet for important for you RSS feeds and feed it through the button “Add Subscription” in your Google reader. As a subscriber to the RSS feeds you can directly follow the links provided and read the corresponding pages for the full message. Generate in this way a high quality and comprehensive compilation of the RSS feed to your field of interest and you are always well informed and one step ahead!


a) They are not confined to the purely legal news! A lawyer who specializes in the field of M & A, should of course know also first when about Telefonica O2 takes a internetaffiner lawyer about the latest technological developments of the Internet communication know etc. If you are also interested in art, for example, you tweet quiet occasionally the last exhibition that you have visited, to round out your profile and make it more lively and personal.

b) With the Iphone app “Newsstand” You have your news channels from the Google Reader also be accessed on the iPhone anytime.

Step 3 – twittering going on!

Since you are always informed from now on first about the latest developments in your field of interest, you can provide your Twitter followers at all times with exciting news. You have 140 characters per message space to draw attention to interesting developments and if necessary to comment briefly.

Legal Notes and tips:

a) The restriction to 140 characters it will be a single Tweet, due to its very low power design not as a work within the meaning of ยง 2 para. 1 can view No.1 Copyright Act so that it can be no copyright due to low level of creativity in most cases.

b) Of course, insults, false allegations, racist remarks etc. to be criminally relevant! This means in particular that tweeted facts proven true and opinions expressed may not be the abusive criticism.

c) Use the Twitthat Tool ( Any Orders placed on this website can be sent and you inputted comment as Tweet which helps with one click Included statement (a shortened link to the relevant page so).

Step 4 – Follow people with similar interests!

Find people with similar interests or people who might be interested in what you tweet.

Here you can, for example, the Tweetscan (Tool help a search engine for Twitter messages. Even followers of other you interest-Twitter users may be interesting for you, as well as those users who follows you an interest user itself. Even in a very short time you too many Twitter users to follow! Take advantage of these contacts, exchange ideas, help each other and open up new mandates!